Revisiting the missing elephant

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I've been on Blogger since 2002, and last posted here in 2006, and I've since forgotten my log-in details here, and asking Blogger now to allow me to access these blogs has been like asking to recover an earlier version of myself.

Facebook has kind of made obsolete my use of Flickr and Blogger (there's 'Photos' and 'Notes' on Facebook already, see?). I know we've all been busy and everyone went through a lot of changes. But anyway, when JB posted the old elephant link on Facebook, I became curious enough to visit the blog again.

I don't really listen to music while reading Murakami, or any book for that matter. I can read more (and be brought someplace else more, through words) in silence.

Last year I read Joel's copy of 'After Dark', and really liked it! Still Murakami, but now more cinematic. I've added a few more authors in my list of faves, but when I read something new or old from Murakami, I'm reminded of why he's still a favorite. I'd still like to meet him in person someday.

Indi, I can't believe you didn't grab the chance to see Bjork! But I understood when you said you didn't want to deal with the crowds or the mud. I'm feeling the same way, I checked online a while back and saw Franz Ferdinand has a string of shows in Europe (Amsterdam included, of course) to support their new album, but I hadn't checked early enough and now they're either sold out or there's few seats left. But I just shrugged to myself, Oh well. The ticket cost more than 30 euro; that's almost 2 weeks worth of groceries, or a cheap round-trip Ryanair flight. I realized I was more excited catching the 'Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night' exhibit. Does this have to do with growing older?

Anyhow, I'll be visiting you next month. Can't wait to see you again! And finally meet your hubby. Last time I saw you was Denmark, November 2007. Bilis ng panahon. Mukhang OK naman ang UK visa. Can't wait for April! All my exams and essays should be done by then. :-)

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