Plug: Babae Sa Tag-Araw: PhotoExhibit at Penguin Cafe

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babae sa tag-araw, #13 Originally uploaded by Jun Cruz Na Ligas.

Indi Endaya's (with Carol Bello, and Libay Cantor, and Len Familara) first, where you'll find this rather large photograph of these Nepali girls, with a dymo'd story running underneath about Babbage, the Father of the Computer (background on the story: it's true, and I think Arthur Clarke's campaign to modernize India has trickled up to Nepal, and that he has something to do with Indi's anecdote).

Also, vandalism is encouraged by the artist, via stacks of post-its left near the portraits, so people can leave their own notes or whathaveyous on the portraits themselves. I wrote one that said "Pag-Ibig Ko'y Nepal!" and only one viewer got the reference. Anyway, Indi's project is pretty clever.

You can go here to take an amateurish virtual photomosaic tour of the exhibit.

And you can go here to see some photographs taken during the 25 April 2006 launching. Just click through the links. Friends and family and people we didn't know! Also, there was this boring band who played an awful awful absolutely awful cover of Pearl Jam's "Black". Really awful.

At any rate, if you're in the area, check the place out. Penguin Cafe, Malate. The exhibit'll be there for a month.

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