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Welcome To The Village: The Youth & Beauty Brigade New Writer Open-Source Manifesto
* redistribute and contribute * - welcome to the village - the new writer sees literary production as a communal activity

- bohemia is dead - the new writer sees literary history as non-linear and open-source

- personal is political - the new writer doesn't shy away from public displays of protest, nor acting as voice behind the bullhorn

- cancellation of reiteration - the new writer avoids to retread pathways already trod by self and peers

- safe zone is no zone - the new writer seeks out subjects outside of immediate sphere of experience/influence

- ban censorship - PC-induced censorship, imposed on self or by external source, is intellectual castration for the new writer

- one person's garbage is another's found object - the new writer uses and abuses tools and formulas abandoned by old writers, spits on them and makes them shine

- categories are for librarians - in new writing, be it protest poem or reportage, flash fiction or hypertext, the pieces work through-and-through regardless of form and intention

- the old ways are dead - forget GRAPHIC and STORY and WOMEN'S WEEKLY, as the only true path for the new writer is self-publishing, be it blog or zine or weekly podcast

- the new writer is an all-trader - learn a minimum of two extra skills, like layout design and image manipulation, camera handling and video editing, melodica and illustration, html and cut-&-paste, as text will never be enough for the new writer

- new media extravaganza - the new writer steals transition segues from comic books and html, character relations/interaction from friendster, local colour from noontime shows, like theater for film, like film for comics, new writing use and re-use imagery and philosophy and techniques from contempo & new media, and likewise, new writing influences contempo & new media imagery, philosophy, and technique

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  1. Blogger Tim Footman 

    The new writer may steal from comics and html, but where does he get his typefaces?

    Fab site, btw. My own is called Cultural Snow, a reference that should be crashingly obvious to most of you...

  2. Blogger Adam 

    the new writer shall have to get typeface from wall scrawl love notes in two-peso bathroom stalls!

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Best described as a Murakami detox support group, we're all fans of the quirkily brilliant Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, and writing about such things as films we've seen recently and books we're reading (not to mention meandering musings on the man's work, of course) helps us to pass time while waiting for the next book from Haruki-baby.

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