Belated happy birthday, Mr. Murakami!

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on jan. 12, i bought BIRTHDAY STORIES at nat'l bookstore shangri-la using my NBS gift check. i'd totally forgotten it was haruki murakami's 57th birthday until i read his introduction.

imagine that. i'd unwittingly bought BIRTHDAY STORIES on his birthday! like what he said in his intro, at that moment, i felt a soft, natural bond with the world. ;)

in the japanese edition of the book, which came out before the british one, murakami had translated into japanese the birthday stories he selected.

i tried googling for BIRTHDAY STORIES reviews but couldn't find any decent ones. i heard it's not really available in the US yet. but here are my thoughts on the book:

- i love the book design
- my fave story is ethan canin's 'angel of mercy, angel of wrath,' cos of its lack of pretension and jaw-droppingly good last line
- it's a fast read. some of it (like 'turning,' where 3 old ladies tell a story to the 4-year-old birthday boy about 'the emperor with no skin') is pretty strange and funny
- some of the stories read like timeless morality tales
- some of the stories are pretty depressing, although some also leave you with the feeling that there's hope for this world yet
- DFW's 'forever overhead' is lovely. i saw the absence of footnotes and started reading it happily
- right now it's php900 at NBS and strangely, php850 at powerbooks, hardbound. so go buy it!

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  1. Blogger indi 

    RE: "DFW's 'forever overhead' is lovely. i saw the absence of footnotes and started reading it happily"

    heeheeheee. so funny and true

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