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the Wit
(57% dark, 30% spontaneous, 36% vulgar)
your humor style:

You like things edgy, subtle, and smart. I guess that means you're probably an intellectual, but don't take that to mean pretentious. You realize 'dumb' can be witty--after all isn't that the Simpsons' philosophy?--but rudeness for its own sake, 'gross-out' humor and most other things found in a fraternity leave you totally flat.

I guess you just have a more cerebral approach than most. You have the perfect mindset for a joke writer or staff writer.

Your sense of humor takes the most thought to appreciate, but it's also the best, in my opinion.

You probably loved the Office. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/theoffice/.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Jon Stewart - Woody Allen - Ricky Gervais

The 3-Variable Funny Test!
- it rules -

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My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 59% on darkness
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You scored higher than 12% on spontaneity
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You scored higher than 47% on vulgarity
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  1. Blogger indi 

    hi lola, i've been super busy of late -so what the f am i doing blogging at 2:49 AM??-- anyways, about your writing space question earlier / yesterday. my answer would have to be. yeah, space does a lot for me. i found myself really uninspired when i didn't have a nice enough space of my own downtown, i.e. when i used to go home to that kamias apartment and the san juan unit (which was an ok house but the outside suckiness pervaded). now that am back in the ol' nest, i hope i'd be half as productive as i was some years ago. yun lang po. have a great day. and sorry i wasn't able to text back right away. plus my texting fingers are aching and this keyboard is way better. :)

  2. Blogger Midori 

    no prob indi. know what? i sent that question to 7 people and you're the only one who answered positively on the need for your own writing space at home. one friend said nasanay na syang magsulat sa stairs (hi joel!), another prolific friend said he uses a security guard-type logbook-- very sturdy you can even write on it in the fx (hi hagrid!). another friend said delaying tactic lang yan and all he needs is silence when he writes. me, i'd have to say it's not affecting me that much that i don't have a writing desk. it'd be nice to have a laptop to be more prolific. but now, i just need to brainstorm for a story then the act of writing it down doesn't take too much time. i just use my office computer during work hours and the desktop PC at home in the evenings or weekends. ;)

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