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"Two More Years" by Bloc Party

Bloc Party

[saw the vid for this song for the first time this evening on mtv... and got a knife-through-the-heart effect when i heard the new wavey vocals, driving music, and caught snatches of the lyrics. alas, it was something i could relate to, that 'two more years' thing. was thinking, if this song's on their 'silent alarm' cd i'll finally go out and buy it. been thinking of buying it for quite some time now but the stingy side of me always won. ;) anyway, when i googled the lyrics, the effect was somewhat diminished. not like the badly drawn boy lyrics i posted a while back. but then again, the bloc party guys are kids! some of em are younger than me. give em time, and they could well be wordsmiths eventually like mr. damon "badly drawn boy" gough. herewith are the uneven lyrics.]

In two more years, my sweetheart, we will see another view
such longing for the past for such completion
What was once golden has now turned a shade of grey
I've become crueler in your presence

They say: 'be brave, there's a right way and a wrong way'
This pain won't last for ever, this pain won't last for ever

Two more years, there's only two more years
Two more years, there's only two more years
Two more years so hold on

You've cried enough this lifetime, my beloved polar bear
Tears to fill a sea to drown a beacon
To start anew all over, remove those scars from your arms
To start anew all over more enlightened

I know, my love, this is not the only story you can tell
This pain won't last for ever, this pain won't last for ever

Two more years...

You don't need to find answers for questions never asked of you
You don't need to find answers

dead weights and balloons
drag me to you
dead weights and balloons
to sleep in your arms
I've become crueler since I met you
I've become rougher, this world is killing me

we cover our lies with handshakes and smiles
we try to remember our alibis
we tell lies to our parents we hide in their rooms
we bury our secrets in the garden
of course we could never make this love last
I said of course we could never make this love last
the only love we know is love for ourselves
we bury our secrets in the garden.

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  1. Blogger r 

    being a big-ass bloc party fan, i love this song, and the 2 other new ones. was playing them nonstop just yesterday afternoon, though i'd heard 2 more years several dozen times already and it left the list after a while. it's not on silent alarm, though; they just decided to put out a single. i first thought it was a political song, haha, but i like that the lyrics are ambiguous enough that they become mutable, and i've found that different people interpret it in different ways.

  2. Blogger Midori 

    hey there! yeah i checked their site after i posted this and saw that 'two more years' isn't in silent alarm. i've decided to get silent alarm along with the new franz ferdinand cd anyway. thanks!

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