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TESTAMENT: A new comic book series from DC/Vertigo
with a promising take from one of mi favorito thinkers Douglas Rushkoff. (am usually averse to reasons supplied by people who tell me i should get into anything bible-related, but this sounds interesting...)

“This gets to the premise for the book. I’m really sick and tired of the Bible being used by fundamentalists as a way to shut down thinking and inquiry. It just stinks, and it goes against the very premise of the Bible—which is about weird revolutionaries who fight for autonomy against all sorts of oppression. I can’t help but think if any of these people actually read the Bible, they’d rise up against their ministers and smite them on the spot....

As far as the characters in the comic are concerned, the relationship to Bible develops slowly. I don’t want to give too much away or it’ll be less fun for everyone. So let me say that I begin by telling parallel stories. Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of Isaac becomes a parallel for whether or not Alan Stern will implant his son with an RFID tag so he can be tracked for the military draft. Both are examples of father’s sacrificing their sons for false gods....

The other reason for playing with the Bible is to break everyone of the notion that the Bible is filled with all this holy stuff. It’s so not. It’s filled with people killing each other with rocks, men raping men, fathers having sex with their daughters—or offering their daughters to strangers in return for stuff.

And there’s tons of sex magick in there, too, that no one likes to talk about but is completely apparent to anyone who bothers to read the words on the page.... Moses has man-to-man sex up on Mount Sinai. God has fights with other Gods. There are monsters and giants praying to Astarte (basically Kali). There’s aliens having sex with the human women. I mean, you actually read the stuff and your jaw just drops. Abraham did what? And he's a hero?" Interview here.

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