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earnest went to st. scho today and i tagged along. she was managing some dry-run thingie with the Manila Symphony Orchestra and the Rockestra indie bands there. i just wanted to snoop around the damn alma mater.

it felt so strange, going around. i felt like a like a ghost. everything was the same but different and felt smaller. the gothic mental hospital feel was still there. (the corinthian and doric columns, the framed scary sepia photos of dead nuns, the sponge-splatter-painted lower half of the walls, waffled woodwork doors with their chain latches.) even the new buildings had the same old look.

goosebumpy. i walked around to check where the treehouse and the old gym used to be (gone and replaced by a multi-storey building named after yet another benedictine saint.) the long way walk along estrada to gate one was the same only shorter. (my how we've grown.) no more piano music could be heard outside saint cecilia's piano rooms since all the rooms had their windows shut tight and air conditioned, it seems. the old abandoned dilapidated sections - st. maurus and the other "gray areas" my friends and i dubbed 'gateways' (to narnia)and cair paravel lamp posts are now functional campus zones bustling with students practicing their dance steps, killing time while waiting for their sundo .

a dozen years or so years of my life in those cloistered walls. more than a dozen since we left. so many renovations, and yet some things were preserved. i wonder if kids there still have time to dream of and visit parallel universes.

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  1. Blogger Midori 

    awww. i know what you mean. some years back i visited the UP CDC (child dev't center) where i'd attended pre-school. i was struck by how the place seemed so tiny. the ceilings had seemed so high up when i was in pre-school. how could we have all fit in there, i wondered. it was strange revisiting the place and seeing teachers yankie and covar (colleagues of my aunt at UP FLCD) now older with lined faces.

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