at the UP lantern parade, dec. 1997

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Originally uploaded by redredwine.
'90s couture check: airwalk sneakers, adidas bag, friendship bracelet, thumb ring, tent-like band T-shirt. the violet spray-on hair color (courtesy of arlyn, shown with pink hair) and urban decay lipstick were added cos we were feeling extra festive. senti trip!

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3 Responses to “at the UP lantern parade, dec. 1997”

  1. Blogger Midori 

    forgot to add that this was taken at the AS lobby in UP. with matching security ground in the background.

  2. Blogger indi 

    oh no, i haven't outgrown that wallet chain and thumbring. gad. they tell me the only bottoms i ever wore for a time in the nineties were these denim cut-offs.

  3. Blogger Midori 

    tangina i must've been on crack when i posted that comment earlier at work today. i meant with matching security guard in the background. hahaha.

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