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Why I still heart Douglas Rushkoff:
Were I advising the West's governments, I would tell them that the best way to neutralize the impact of a media virus is to take away its fuel: the unarticulated truth behind the rage and confusion it stokes. This means fessing up to the true history of American involvement in Arab affairs over the past century (it's all in the history books, anyway - it's just a matter of admitting it openly) as well as expressing the West's true fear of losing its access to precious oil, and its apprehension about sharing the planet with people it doesn't understand or trust.-Viral Bombs
Which angle to choose?
That the number of deaths in daily car bombs in Iraq regularly outnumber today's casualties? Do I dare tally Africa in there? The ongoing death toll from Tsunami aftermath?

That every major global event seems to bring a new medium or application into its maturity? The moon landing on TV. OJ Simpson spurred live 24-hour news. 9-11 showed us email. The East Coast blackout revealed the power of cell phones. The Spain bombings and subsequent election disinformation was thwarted by SMS. Now this catastrophe seems to launch Flickr into the mainstream - with photo coverage on the site surpassing what we can see on TV. (Except for the stations that are simply broadcasting flickr photos.) -fr. Blasted Blasts

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