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malamang alam niyo na'to, 'no? pero mukhang wala pang nagpopost, e, so 'eto na:
two new films of the musical sort:
gus van sant's LAST DAYS, his third from the death trilogy he's been up to the past three years (um, GERRY, and ELEPHANT being the first two) about 90s-era tragedies, the third one based on kurt cobain's, well, last days. with michael pitt (hedwig's ex from, um, hedwig) and lukas haas and asia argento (WTF?) and, hey, kim gordon!! and michael winterbottom's 9 SONGS, about a year-long love affair between a girl and a glacialogist, explicit sex scenes juxtaposed with live performances of franz ferdinand and (yay!) super furry animals and dandy warhols and six other bands whose names i've forgotten already. i have a feeling they won't be showing any of these bastards here in manila (like with PRIMER), so i guess we'll have to be visiting our neighbourhood pirates in a month or so. and shit, look, it's the believer 2005 music issue!! again with the freebie CD, now apparently with minor american bands (decemberists, shins... i guess not that minor) doing covers of other minor bands (like postal service!!) shit, man, what a bad time to be broke, i tell you.

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