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i met this man in college, in a creative writing for children class. i remember his manuscript was the best thing i read that year. he remembers i wore bacon socks and a Bandaid on my nose.

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2 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUIS!”

  1. Blogger Luis 

    Thanks, Indira! Ah yes, Mailin Paterno's CW 150 (tama ba?)... I have memories of discussions about a tale of a talking crucifix, "Mike the Little Red Bike," and your runaway story. :) Also, I remember the band-aid, but what are bacon socks? I just remember that they were kind of loose and falling-down. I loved your whole unintentional 'look.' ;)

  2. Blogger indi 

    kinda loose and falling down: yup, that's it. the elastics/garters look like bacon-all wrinkly....like bacon underwear. "unintentional?" b-but-but i dressed up 2 hours for that "look" gah forget it.....;)

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