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Feel Line
Originally uploaded by yinyoung.
“So you can talk, huh?” the cat, a black and white tabby with torn ears, said a bit hesitantly as it glanced around. The cat spoke gruffly but seemed nice enough.

“Yes, a little,” Nakata replied.

“Impressive all the same,” the tabby commented.

“My name’s Nakata,” Nakata said. “And your name would be?”

“Ain’t got one,” the tabby said brusquely.

“How about Okawa? Do you mind if I call you that?”


“Well, then, Mr. Okawa,” Nakata said, “as a token of our meeting each other, would you care for some dried sardines?”

“Sounds good. One of my favorites, sardines.”

Nakata took a Saran-wrapped sardine from his bag. He always had a few sardines with him, just in case. Okawa gobbled down the sardine, stripping it from head to tail, then cleaned his face.

“That hit the spot. Much obliged. I’d be happy to >lick you somewhere, if you’d like.”
- From Kafka On the Shore

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2 Responses to “Papatya”

  1. Blogger Midori 

    wait, this is the adopted kitty you were talking about, right? and his/her name's papatya?

    about kafka on the shore, how far along are you with that book, or are you done reading it already? whatcha think of it?

  2. Blogger indi 

    yup. that's her name. papatya means chamomile in turkish, sez the original owner (boss namin noon sa NGO).

    kafka, chapter 11 pa lang. hehehe. will tell you more after i've ingested more....

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