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It was bound to happen

Bloc Party

No more Yahoo Messenger at work, blocked MP3 sites--well, at least yung mga may 'mp3' sa URL. This is cos eventually everyone at work will have Internet access, although it seems a highly policed version of the Internet. No Friendster, nothing (buti na lang I got tired of Friendster pretty quickly). Thank god I can still go trawling for mp3s at Altavista, Insound, BetterPropaganda, Epitonic, LargeHeartedBoy, Salon's Audiofile etc. God's gift to mp3 freaks everywhere.

No wonder my Windows Media Player's been fucking up and I couldn't view vids in MTV or Launch. And that I couldn't download photos my friends sent me via YM. Anything that's partially downloaded is blocked by some firewall or something, which has always been there but is now compounded by a software called Websense. Is there any way to subvert Websense? Cos it's nonsense! It's not like I can slack off at work all the time... I only get to watch vids online during lunch break. Heller!

Anyway, if you haven't yet, check out Salon's Audiofile for newish mp3s by Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, Mobius Band (I LOVE that song "Starts off with a bang," they do sound like a rocktronica, more upbeat, happier version of Interpol there), Bloc Party ("Tulips" is a real pretty song, and it isn't in their 'Silent Alarm' full-length debut)...

What else? Oh, thanks heaps to Vlad for carrying our Iligan books all the way from Iligan to Manila. God, mukha kaming bangkay. Thank god walang incriminating photos na sinama. How weird is that?! A book on a writing workshop's proceedings is riddled with typos and grammatical slips. And some of what the fellows said were edited out. Oh well. Am glad not everyone gets to see that book, and we're gonna do our part by holding a ceremonial book-burning later. (Insert nasty villain laugh here, as in "Heh heh heh.")

And to Joel, advanced happy birthday! That's for May 24th, and you'll be a quarter of a century old. Welcome to the club!

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  1. Blogger indi 

    oi, midori, pls email me your mobile number as well as popa's and joel's na rin. i lost my cellphone last friday and am trying to reconstruct my address book. thanks!

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