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They say it's your birthday!

It's way too late to be this locked inside ourselves...
Interpol, from left: Sage, Stoic, Hedonist, Introvert.

Belated happy birthday to my fave comedian and late-night talk show host, Conan O'Brien (April 18)!

Advanced happy birthday to co-Jologz Libay and Madame Barbra Streisand (April 24). Also to Interpol's Paul Banks (May 3).

Been so busy and tired lately I didn't even know we had a new German pope already till this morning. Home's become the place where I skip dinner and crash and wake the next morning still wearing the previous day's clothes.

Had a bad migraine at work last week and only Interpol's new vid for C'mere helped alleviate it. Saw the vid about five times in a row. Hansel and Gretel-y, kinda. Not that it's fantastic; I guess it worked as a cure-all for me just cos it was Interpol. They're also in the cover of Spin's April issue.

Watched Conan last week and caught the kickass performance by Le Tigre, who reminded me of the now defunct Bis (na kumanta ng Powerpuff Girls theme). Thought the keyboard/moog/whatever player was a guy. My mistake. Didn't even know the pretty singer was Kathleen Hanna, as in the former Bikini Kill member na sinapak ni Courtney Love onstage way back when (check this interesting police beat, second paragraph).

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  1. Blogger indi 

    burn kita ng Le Tigre stuff, lola. Weird how ngayon sila nagiging pop eh ang danceable danceable. anyway my fave is their first self-titled album. LT

  2. Blogger indi 

    i also found a pirated DVD of corporate ghost ng sonic youth sa quiapo couple of months ago. si kathleen hanna - cutie with baby fat and all- andun sa vid ng Bull In The Heather. katuwa powerpuff riot grrl.

  3. Blogger Midori 

    hey thanks lola! would appreciate le tigre stuff. i only have 7 le tigre MP3s so far. i like eau d'bedroom dancing best. ang cute-cute ng TKO, w/c they performed on conan. have yet to see the vid in mtv.com, for some reason may topak windows media player ko. hmph. i really thought kathleen hanna (when i didn't know it was her on conan) was young and that le tigre was a newish band, though of course i've heard of em before. super feminist and militant pala ang mga lola, you wouldn't ever guess it from their electronica-pop-punk sound. i saw the vid of bull in the heather before...matingnan nga uli kung may mahanap ako online.

  4. Blogger indi 

    yeah, i saw that conan episode too. oks ang outfits at stereo flatscreens. beastie grrrl ang lola. (sila pa rn ba ni adrock?)

  5. Blogger indi 

    kept seeing "hot fafa" JD sa mga bust at venus na nahahanap sa booksale bins. with her swiming trunks and facial hair.

  6. Blogger indi 

    gak, swimming.

  7. Blogger Midori 

    here's a catty courtney quote i read in a forum today, plus a poster's comment:

    courtney quote (from interview at http://www.nme.com/features/story.htm?ID=51825): "A member of Bikini Kill, once a brilliant essay writer, now lives in a multi-million dollar loft off the monies of one of the world's biggest bands. That's a tragedy."

    poster's comment (from http://www.barbelith.com/topic/4329): "presumably she's talking about kathleen hanna, who's in a relationship with one of the beastie boys. i think, anyway."

    there's your dose of rock chismis for today. i didn't know kathleen hanna was dating adrock. so hindi pala lahat ng taga-le tigre lesbian? j/k!

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