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Our mother shoulda just named you Laika

The Arcade Fire's inside the box? No way!

Kewl Arcade Fire review from the Believer:

They played on a stage that was approximately the size of a napkin, in a club that was exactly the size of a restaurant-style napkin holder. To say “the club was packed” would do a grave injustice to the people who survived the event, each of whom is now more aware than ever of the full spectrum of scents it is possible for a human body to spurt from its pores when under duress. There was a palpable tension in the air, as though something dangerous or terrible was about to happen. The band climbed onto the stage somehow, possibly on the backs of several obliging audience members, and launched into a beefy, chaotic version of the Funeral track “Wake Up,” which features what sounds like a chorus of young, neutered boys singing from a mountaintop observatory.

Search for the Arcade Fire's MP3s here and here, and listen to their kickass Neighborhood #2 (Laika) here.

Am still kicking myself cos I missed on purpose their Conan O'Brien appearance a while back, cos I'd never heard of them. Even their lyrics are astoundingly good. Another band to keep an eye on: the Bloc Party. Read about how they came to be here and search for their song Banquet here. More MP3s from their site here.

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