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Eh? What's this, approval from the man himself?

Been trawling the Interpol forums waaay too much and saw these cartoons:
- Interpol as Peanuts characters
- Interpol in a bling bling video
- Interpol gets compared to Dutch Boy etc. (part one, part two)

Plus: Interpol as Interpol

They're great to look at but the music rocks too. Search for their MP3s here and here. Yes I do sink this low sometimes. Back to work! (*Whip!*)

P.S. I was gonna tell you guys to check out the recent Dave Eggers Salon interview, para naman may saysay ang post na ito. Here you go. BTW, has anyone else here seen the Lemony Snicket movie? Finally saw it yesterday, and it was great! Much more compact, coherent, visual and funny than the books. The landscape I couldn't see in Daniel Handler's occasionally clunky prose was fleshed out on film. And the end credits blew me away. It was inspired by those Indonesian shadow puppets (wayang kulit). And yes, they're online! Impressive, eh?

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