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Gusto kong sabunutan si Phil Gabriel pag makita ko siya

Why? Cos in Kafka on the Shore's English translation...

(Do I have to give a spoiler alert here? Sige na nga. SPOILERS. Sorta.)

- the Japanese characters seem to be spending dollars, not yen
- Hoshino and I forget who else spout Americanisms like "Jeez Louise," "Presto change-o," "Cripes," or "Sweet" (like in Dude, Where's My Car?)

Having seen some of the reviews, I was aware of these lapses, but didn't expect I'd react like this when I finally read the book. Mr. Phil Gabriel, with all due respect, WTF were you thinking? I liked your translation of Sputnik Sweetheart, it's a compelling story, but this is something else entirely. Yes, these are contemporary characters who speak informally, but you gotta draw the line somewhere and still show that these people are Japanese, and this is a modern Japanese setting. The overwhelming American-ness in here makes it a stuffy read, occasionally.

In an ideal world, I shouldn't be complaining like this. But I paid good money for that hardbound copy of Kafka, and am a loyal fan of Mr. Murakami's. So there must be something wrong when even I'm complaining.

I'm a fan, but still clear-eyed enough to see that this isn't Mr. Murakami's best work. I don't wanna rush while reading; I'm still in chapter 31. It's great, but he's written stuff like this before. I just hope that in a few years' time, when the English translation of Afterdark's in our hands, it'll be a better read.

Anyone know what Afterdark is about, and who'll be translating it into English?

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