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stephen malkmus
stephen malkmus (pavement): he is clever, and you
are hot shit. go find a shady lane and fuck

who's your indie rock boyfriend?
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btw, jojo, thanks sooo much for the m. ward cd. i LOVE it. check out a matt ward (what an ordinary name, i know, kinda like big from sex and the city being named john) interview from the japan times here. this stanza from "sad sad song" cracked me up:

And so I went to the whale, I said killer whale please,
what do you do when your true love leaves?
He said I only have but one trick up my sleeve,
I sing it over and over 'til she comes back to me.

speaking of, waah... wala nang SATC sa HBO asia. makabili na nga ng pirated DVDs...

i actually took that indie boyfriend quiz twice. first result was someone from the walkmen (heard of em but not their songs), so i tweaked some of my answers and got stephen malkmus. well, pwede na rin... though i would've preferred the singers from interpol or franz ferdinand. they weren't in the choices though.

oh, and if you dig MP3s like me i highly recommend the music blog large hearted boy. happy new year y'all.

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  1. Blogger *Rubber Doll* 

    Ano ang SATC?

  2. Blogger Midori 

    lola, sex and the city lang ang SATC. you wouldn't like it in a million years, am sure of it. wala silang resemblance kay gamera or whoever. ;)

  3. Blogger *Rubber Doll* 

    Gaga, sobra ka naman. Enjoy rin naman ako manood ng TV series ano. Tulad ng Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. Echos! Hindi. Haven't watched anything sa TV (except for a single episode of Mulawin, just because) for a very long time.

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