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yay!!!! si lola bernice nanalo 3rd prize sa philippine graphic awards for her short story regularized. congrats, lola! painom ka naman. heheh.

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  1. Blogger Midori 

    hi lola indi! thanks. kita kits na lang sa writers night... pero bawal magpainom ang mga taong gipit like me. heheh. i have never been this poor! anyway, di ba you also won in graphic a few years ago. just goes to show graphic really has good taste. charing! btw dumating na ba yung parcel from jojoe?

  2. Blogger indi 

    wala pa po yung parcel, dear. it's been, what, more than 3 weeks? hmmmm. this is the only time it's taken this long, so far, to deliver to my office.

  3. Blogger johnny panic 

    congrats again, bernice! naku, sana naman dumating na yung package. nandun mga libro ni allan -- yikes! fyi lang: it's bigger than the other package i sent you last time, inds. but same type of envelope. i should have paid extra so I'm able to track the darn thing. reminds me of the time that jose's visa was approved and sent by the us embassy to his house in pasig, but never got there. he and his mom had to track down the postman at the post office, where they were told na "nakalimutan" i-deliver. hope the postman isn't enjoying Wired and Poetry magazine before you guys. *sigh*

  4. Blogger indi 

    ho shit. "nakalimutan" wtf? visa na yun ah. shet. at least all ended well. cge. will ask our messenger. pero usually may notice agad eh....grrrr.

  5. Blogger starshuffler 

    For some strange reason, I see the blog comment code when I click on the comments. Sorry kung mejo late tuloy ang greeting---

    Congrats Berninice! :-D


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