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have you heard about 'the elephant vanishes' going on stage?

from Time Asia, Oct. 18, 2004—

If you were a British stage director looking for foreign material to adapt, you'd likely avoid anything in Japanese, a language whose subtleties have tormented translators for centuries. And you definitely wouldn't choose Haruki Murakami, whose witty, noirish best sellers about contemporary Japan (Norwegian Wood, A Wild Sheep Chase) combine the mundane and the surreal with daunting complexity.

So, of course, Simon McBurney had to try. His London-based Complicite theater group teamed up last year with Tokyo's Setagaya Public Theatre to tackle Murakami. ("Japan's Kafka," McBurney calls him.) The result, The Elephant Vanishes, has played to packed houses and rave reviews in Tokyo, New York and London. It opened at MC93 Bobigny in suburban Paris earlier this month, and it will soon move to the Power Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. read more here or here, too.

and if you want to know what our guy haruki murakami had to say about this year's US presidential elections, read this (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

now back to work.

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  1. Blogger indi 

    uy, success pala sha! Jess, go see it there, then kwerto mo sa amin, dala ka ng mini-DV cam, heheh, tapos gawa ka ng pirated edition -JOKE! (in case may secwet suhviss at IP pulis na nagbabasa ng blogs ngayon)...

    read and posted about SimonMcBurney din (http://indira.exultrade.com/elephant/archive/2003_06_22_index.html)
    mukhang mega-production
    -"live video cam projectors that whiz across the floor, transparent to opaque screens, and hard drives groaning with image captures...manipulated sound-" shit, magkano kaya ticket?

    just remembered Budjette (http://babblingpoint.blogspot.com)also texted me about this a few weeks ago but i was too swamped to post something :)

    Re: the bush-murakami article, man, i retched when i read this part:
    "In only three of them (35 surveyed countries) - Nigeria, the Philippines and Poland - did Bush have more supporters than Kerry. "

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