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TOMFOOLERY: Everything that's wrong with the Pinoy literary scene

hey guys,

i've got a theme for the next lit app, which i hope to be editing.

the title will be "Tomfoolery: Everything that's wrong with the Pinoy literary scene."

it's influenced by the recent controversy on children's lit started by carla pacis, as well as the recent controversy sparked by blogs like that of angas ng kurimaw. this is some heavy stuff coming out, and i think that we as a writing organization should have something to say about it. also, some classmates, like anna sanchez, have been submitting some interesting takes on how things are going.

like adam's lite, i plan to solicit works from people outside of the WC, the main thing is just to get a lot of different, young voices expressing themselves, giving a venue for things.

please by all means write commentaries on writing, writing programs, awards, the state pf philippine literature, the philippine literary tradition, workshops, orgs, people, institutions, publications, publishing houses, poetry readings, just anything. everybody's always got a lot to say about how things can be better, well here's the chance to say it and have it published.

i was hoping to set the deadline around end of october, early november, so that we could launch this one and adam's lite together. we'd also discussed the idea.

so, essays, manifestos, poems, fiction, non-fiction, any form that could express what you're thinking is cool. please send any submissions to carljoe_javier@yahoo.com and please feel free to pass this along to anyone who you might think would be interested.

carl javier

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  1. Blogger libay 

    hey adam, kilala mo ang true identity ni kurimaw??? can you tell me please? hindi ko siya ii-stalk, promise. kasi nasa isang egroup ko rin siya and ayaw niyang umamin for 2 years na. bits and pieces tell me he's a poet writing in filipino mostly and from peyups cw. other than that, ewan. i accused him of being paolo manalo once. hindi daw sha yun. i think nga, because kurimaw's more interesting than the heir of ink. :)

    - libay (redirect to http://jotjotjot.forwriters.org)

  2. Blogger *Rubber Doll* 

    Naku, madami na wrong sa Phil. Litt. Kung iisa isahin natin, hindi tayo matatapos. Eto na lang, masyadong napakaraming uninteresting stories ang napupublish every year (ewan ko ba kung bakit, although subjective kuno ang argument na ito kasi it's a matter of taste... pero naman, kung sa baryo (fiesta) ang setting mo, mamundok ka na lang). Ano pa ba? Siyempre, andyan pa din ang padrino (madrina?) system. Iyon lang(nasa trabaho ako ngayon eh, short attention span at furthermore, natatakot ako dahil nga lumindol kagabi...punyemas!).

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