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COMIX CONCERNS. A Bookslut's bone to pick:
The character of Craig Thompson became every emo-boy stereotype ever created. (And, unfortunately, it seems to have created this sub-genre of "I'm so sensitive and I can't get laid!" in comics.) The storyline skimmed over the interesting stuff (the loss of faith) to focus more on how deeply sensitive Thompson is....Go to the comic book store, and open Blankets and The Fixer to random pages....

So we have mediocre self-indulgence on one hand, and acclaimed journalism on the other. Why is Craig Thompson being held up as the savior of comics instead of Joe Sacco? I have no answer for you. I obviously don't understand it. But this happens frequently in comics. They get so excited about the crossover appeal of one artist, they don't notice the better work being done in the margins. - Jessa Crispin
Haven't read Craig Thompson's Blankets (and for that matter, Goodbye Chunky Rice) yet but was tempted to get it at Rockwell once. Sacco's Palestine affected me, definitely. How he chose to illustrate conflict as a way of life down to each bloodstained speck of desert dust--- that kept me awake till the end. I also read an excerpt of The Fixer in the McSweeney's Quarterly concern #13 Comics Ish. Interesting character, the fixer.

If Blankets, is, after all as great as they all say, (Fixer's contribution to the human condition aside,) then my own flick analogy here would be In the Mood for Love versus City of God. Apples and Oranges ba or is this a case of Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Fernanda Montenegro (I was rooting for Blanchett, tho) circa the 1999 Oscars? Gah, am just being rambly.....

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