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Wednesday Morning Download

Oi Joel have you heard these songs by your fave weird ass opera singer Diamanda Galas? She was featured recently in Salon's Wednesday Morning Download, which I've seen for ages in the site but just now checked out, for some reason. The review and downloads are here and here. As the reviewer says:

Not surprisingly, it's Galàs' voice, with the four-octave range and extraordinary tonal flexibility, that gets the most attention. But her piano playing should not be ignored. It often sounds like the darkest, least syrupy part of a Keith Jarrett solo concert, and there's a strange, incantatory, frenetic energy to it. She has a deep affinity for the lowest notes on the piano and makes great use of the ominous, booming, nearly toneless sound they can produce. Sometimes Galàs takes the music so shriekingly, absurdly far overboard that it's hard not to laugh. But then -- and this is her secret -- she takes it even further, and you lose the desire, or even the ability, to laugh.

Elliott Smith's From a Basement on the Hill But wait! There's also an Elliott Smith download off his upcoming posthumous "From a Basement on the Hill." Mr. Reviewer says:

It will, of course, be tempting to treat the record as an extended suicide note set to song, and, for much of the record, Smith's resigned, alienated lyrics do little to refute that interpretation. But now listen to "Twilight." It's not a happy song, certainly -- a tale of impossible love -- but there's plenty of sweet with the bitter, and his voice strains for the high notes with a vibrancy that is far from resignation. This song even has a hint of excitement, and of that least suicidal of all emotions, hope.

A goldmine this Wednesday Morning Download is, eh?

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