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Quick! How good a speller are you?

The boys on the radio

Didn't get a perfect score in the Guardian's spelling quiz, but was still told to go to the top of the class. The order of letters in words can get strange; you look at them long enough and they seem wrong. Kinda like what Uma Thurman's character said in The Truth About Cats and Dogs: if you look at your face in the mirror long enough, you realize it's just shapes. Not good or bad, just shapes.

Anyhoo, I'll always remember that fuchsia is the right way to spell it, and not fuschia as I'd thought prior to this school-wide spelling bee contest I joined way back.

I agree, Mum's great! Downloaded seven MP3s when Indi posted about them. Was turned off by the infantile vocals at first, but it's excellent mood music. Fave tracks: green grass, half noise, solar system, awake on a train.

To return the favor, here's a great site with tons of live Elliott Smith MP3s. Make sure to save his "Say Yes" if you don't have his Either/Or yet (like me...) and his cover of Big Star's "Thirteen" ('Won't you let me walk you home from school'). Was also looking for Folk Implosion's "Natural One" but found this great Dust Brothers remix of "Insinuation" instead. There's also a page on Elliott in Lou Barlow's site. That's where I got that Jeff and Elliott photo.

Finally, I read today that my fave anonymous London call girl blogger Belle de Jour has decided to end her online journal. She became part of my daily read when her blog won best in writing in the Guardian's blog awards last year. Ah well. Hope the book turns out great and the film, if it comes out, isn't crap.

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  1. Blogger femeref 

    I accidentally stumbled upon this site when I was looking for mostly guitar based music. As everyone I know Buckley, but I'm very careful when it comes to hyped persons. Since their gained status is not necesarely equivalent to the quality of the music.
    But I downloaded some of the Elliot Smith tracks that were on the 'great site'. And you've helped me discover something completely new and worth listening to. Thx!

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