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Hi Guys!

Shusuke Kaneko's Pyrokinesis

Sorry, took me so long to post. Got some japanese movies, and watched them over the course of a few months (well, I did have a lot of jap flicks to indulge myself with). I finished the 2 Shunji Iwai movies I have (Love Letter, and All About Lily Chou Chou). I liked Love Letter more because it had subtitles! However, even though All About Lily Chou Chou had no subtitles it was still strangely affecting and some scenes were powerful enough to carry it through. Crossfire(Pyrokinesis) by Shusuke Kaneko is worthy of note though. It's a rework of the pyrokinetic, alienated young woman. But, what's good about it is that we are spared from the usual american cliches and it worked. The whole kaboodle worked as an effective action flick without the usual t&a.

Shunji Iwai's All About Lily Chou Chou

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  1. Blogger indi 

    oi lola, nice to see you're alive. anubayan, mga jap na nahanap namen lately eh samurai fiction at full metal yakuza ni miike (is it as chaka as it sounds) at mga kung anek-anek na anime. di pa rin namin napapanuod.

  2. Blogger *Rubber Doll* 

    Actually, nakakatawa ang Full Metal Yakuza. It's silly, but it's silly fun. Iyong Samurai Fiction naman eh post modernist take (daw) ng chambara. It's a refreshing take on the samurai movies (as opposed to Twilight Samurai, which was moving but it seemed to go on forever). Naku ate, kapag makita mo ang Pyrokinesis eh kunin mo na din. Kasi, UNBREAKABLE siya coupled with the XMEN. Na (sorry, I may sound cheap here) ang ganda pa ng theme maski na wa ako know kung ano ang kinakanta ng singer.

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