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Gorgeous Jeff

This Salon contributor was actually a classmate of Jeff Buckley's in a New York poetry class a year before Jeff died. Coolness. Check out his poem here.

Been addicted to MP3s lately, especially by Badly Drawn Boy, Papas Fritas, Elliott Smith, and the Smiths. Papas Fritas' poppy guy-girl exchange of verses reminds me of The Rentals, though of course the former have been around way longer.

Finally bought Liz Phair's latest CD and loved it. I don't get what all the fuss of being "Avril Lavigne for 30-somethings" is about. Yeah they might have the same producer, but a number of the songs were also produced by Michael Penn (who plays some of the instruments too). Pete Yorn even plays drums and guitar in one song. The songs are polished but also smart and damn hooky. She's packaged in an entirely different way now, but the songs are still great.

And yes, I'm now an Aimee Bender convert. She rocks! That "Bull" story is so hilarious it was all I could do not to laugh out loud at work while reading it. And "The Rememberer" is something else. Great concept, moving as well. And she's pretty too!

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  1. Blogger johnny panic 

    ayayay...thank you bernice for posting this beautiful picture of the oh-so-lovely jeff. i miss him dearly. and you've made my day. =)

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