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Damn,ang galing ng Sigur Ros! Gusto ko ng CD! Haven't sampled Mum yet. Trip ko din Elbow. Hey when're we all hooking up again? My place is available.

Has anyone watched the Tom Hanks film Terminal? I haven't, but when I saw the trailer I was reminded of an article I read years ago on the net. www.straightdope.com is one of my favorite websites for reasons that'll be obvious to you once you visit it (assuming you know me). The other day I visited their archive and was pleased to find it now equipped with a search engine. With "airport" as a keyword, I found the article that I'd remembered.

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  1. Blogger indi 

    yes, i heart the skinny boys of sigur ros too. they're my lusher, ethereal, yummier, bjorky-radiohead. puros downloads din kopya ko circa my Kazaa heydays. i love staralfur - heavy rotation ko yan sa pag akyat ng bus sa sagada last year. and that svefngenglar (sleepwalk) song they used in vanilla sky.
    shit! make sure you see that vidrar video. unless you already beat me to downloading all those multi-format videos and mp3s all available on their official site.


    p.s. jabes, are the memstix you need the older lavender ones and not the white memory stick PRO? because i only have the lavender.

  2. Blogger Luis 

    Sigur Ros is nice. :) I have the () album, if anyone wants to, ahem, listen to it (no piracy advocate, I). Jabes, I wrote about Nasseri in one of my old LegManila columns... will see if I can dig it up.

  3. Blogger johnny panic 

    this is so weird. joe and i just got into sigur ros after reading an interview with frontman jontis and the iceland queen bjork in i-D's passionate issue. we soon fell in love with "agaetis byrjun" and the "()" albums. siemps, sigur ros ang soundtrack namin ngayon 24/7. it's so great to find music you just can't get sick of, even if the words don't really have any meaning. we're hoping to get our hands on that cd they recorded for a merce cunningham production. *sigh* sigur ros...

    sabi pala ni joe to try out mogwai, if you haven't already. that's good stuff too.

  4. Blogger indi 

    saw Terminal with me ma and sis last week. in between all those product placements (which could arguably be necessary for an airport foodcourt) it had its moments, i guess. the airport people's backstage stories would be interesting but the spielberg candy sprinklings were a bit...er....well, spielberg and disneyish. at least he didnt get the girl (ooops, spoiler.)

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