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Better late than never. Shet, ang galeng ng Múm!

after reading about them before and hearing about them again from jose over YM, i finally sampled some mp3s and got hooked!
They hail from Iceland, the home of pop chanteuse Björk and indie band Sígur Ros. Like both of those acts, Múm create beautiful soundscapes and subtle, fragile arrangements. But instead of the vocal acrobatics of Björk or the wind-swept, static noise epics of Sígur Ros, Múm make electronic music with a strong affinity for liquid sounds. -salon
belle & sebastian related trivia:
If you didn't fall in love with the twin girls with their photo on the Belle and Sebastian cover ('Fold Your Hands Child...') their voices on the 11-minute album closer, "The Land Between Solar Systems" will most certainly win your heart. - brainwashed.com
last na, promise. interesting kasi eh.
the band has composed original music for a usa short film called the raftman's razor.

the story revolves around a strange dadaist comic book that pops up out of nowhere and the two small town boys who obsess over it. -mumweb
random summer is is Múm's official (Myst-like) site. mp3s of their live sessions (Barcelona Acció Musical 21 September 2002) are at the fansite mumweb

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  1. Blogger JB 

    Man, I love their stuff so much it hurts! Just downloaded a couple of mp3's last night. And the site randomsummer is beautiful!

    Now listening to Elbow's Cast of Thousands (again) I just can't get enough of Ribcage, and Switching Off

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