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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Found a lovely, crisp-clear copy of Immortel last night, during an impromptu DVD hunt with Yvette in Greenhills. Directed by Enki Bilal and based on his graphic novels (see: "The Nikopol Trilogy"), it's a visual feast, although the decision to mix CGI actors with real live humans still bothers me. I can understand using CGI for such characters as the hawk-headed Egyptian god Horus, but even people like the Mayor and Inspector Froebe -- roles one can imagine any number of character actors sinking their teeth into -- are rendered in CGI, and to see them 'acting' alongside, say, Charlotte Rampling, is disconcerting, and unsatisfying. Aside from that, Bilal does grimy future dystopia well, with cityscapes that echo The Fifth Element and Blade Runner strongly. By the time the eye candy factor has worn off, one finds oneself engaged in the story (which is, necessarily, a tad less complex than the Trilogy as I remember it), and rooting for the girl with blue tears and the time-lost Nikopol.

Favorite quote from the movie: "Is anyone mortal in here?" -- (said by the mysterious faceless interdimensional traveller John, who is driving a car that also contains the alien/anatomical anomaly Jill, and the half-god, half-man Horus/Nikopol). Other finds: Nausicaa (finally), The Triplets of Belleville, Lost in La Mancha.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hey Mr.K, Lalapot here, where did you find your copy of The Triplets of Belleville? Greenhiils you say? Hmmm. I want.

  2. Blogger *Rubber Doll* 

    Nagets ko din ang Immortel last week sa quiapo (nakuha ko lang dahil pinapalitan ko ang isang bugok na dvd). Apparently, minimal daw ang human characters at puro green room kuning kuning daw ang ginamit nila dito. Ayoko namang i-bring up ang Blade Runner at Fifth Element sa equation kasi parang nakakasira ng viewing pleasure. I didn't have any issues with the CGI actors "working" alongside human ones, kasi me naconceive na akong storyline dito (albeit a different take on it).

    Me subtitle ba ang Triplets? Kasi binabasa ko ang likod eh walang "sous-titres" na Anglais, kaya dinedma ko na lang. Kaya nanunuod na lang ako ng kung aning aning. Tulad na lang ng All About Lily Chou Chou na walang subtitle (na kung hindi lang maganda eh isosoli ko), at Five Bullets for Five Killers na isang project of shorts na kung saan me contribution si Mamoru Oshii (na as usual ay walang subtitle).

  3. Blogger Luis 

    Hiya Lala, hi Joel. Yep, got Triplets in Greenhills. Fair warning, though -- as Joel pointed out, this is not the English subtitled version. But it is a really good copy, from what I assume is the original French DVD, menus and all, and I enjoyed it a lot. :)

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