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K Foundation Burn A Million Quid
(sorry daw, but it was beautiful)

pulled out this bargain bin find from the stacks. a very AAAARGH! $#%%$%&%$)%@!!@#$ read for me after worrying about money, bills, the future, financial independence and the like....

almost ten years ago - 23 august 1994- these musicians had earned, then BURNED, a million pounds. the artsy burning was documented in a film. people's reactions were in turn, documented in this coffee table book (a copy of which we found in cubao last year)

Reid admits to feeling at first guilt, then boredom while watching the money burn. In the Omnibus documentary the K-Foundation's bank confirmed that a million pounds in cash had been withdrawn, and picked up by a private security firm who also confirmed the amount....Some ashes (valued in the Omnibus documentary at between £800 to £81,000!) were brought back from Jura, and kept in a suitcase, until Bill and Jimmy asked Chesham brickmaker James Matthews (age 23) to make them into a brick. Bill said the reason for the request would be revealed in 23 years......

The money burning is in effect a massive, and very expensive, publicity stunt so that Drummond and Cauty can go down in history as the men who burnt a million pounds. It is supposed to make you think about money, and its relationship with art. Really what is the difference between spending money on useless objects or publicity, and making the actual loss of the money the publicity. No one castigates Cher for spending her millions on 12 mansions world-wide and not giving them to charity. Why attack the K-Foundation for spending their million and not giving it to charity. Bill once said "...we could have gone and put the money to some publicly acceptable good use (The starving millions, cancer research, Greenpeace; take your pick), but no, we chose to burn it. Why?... What is the appeal?" from Fact-index
anyways, they had screenings of the film even in serbia where they also did an interview:
MOA: if you only had $2 in the world and no food, would you buy a hamburger with the $2 or burn it ?
JC: We would buy the hamburger.
MOA: so that $2 is worth more than the 1 million pounds you burned...
BD: Yes, but nurning the million was not abourt self-sacrifice, it was about turning what 1 million has symbolised throughout our life on its head ....1 million was the figure that represented freedom from work, drusgery, responsibilitiese. it meant 'permanent vacation', admiration, and all the fairground rides you needed.
MOA: I thought it was only in America tha people thought like that. In Yugoslavia, nobody ever dreamt of wealth because it was not an option.
arrgh! Kainis! ano kayang grade nila kung studyante sila ni vim nadera?
incidentally, they have another interesting book called the manual.

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  1. Blogger Midori 

    argh. hello, self-involved notions on art. i wish they'd just given me that one million quid so i'd be fulfilling my wishes of world travel, grad school, and rock star hedonism right now.

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