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Viva la poem

Psst! Inds, you back from Bangkok yet? So how was Sin City? Pasalubong ko? ;) Did you ever find your cellphone?

How's everyone? Luis, I still want to sit in sometime for that CW 111 class, okay? We got very good feedback on your teaching skills, so you've nothing to worry about. Secret na lang kung sino yung source namin.

Michael Ondaatje's The Cinnamon Peeler Wonder of wonders, I've actually gone back to writing poetry. That's what happens when there are never enough hours in a day, and you still wanna write for yourself cos all you do is write for the man. Been reading Michael Ondaatje's The Cinnamon Peeler. Kewl.

While downloading Sharon Olds and Mark Doty poems for a friend some weeks back, I came across this amazing poem by Tita Shawie. Just goes to show that organic unity doesn't have to sound forced, eh?

My Son the Man (from The Wellspring)

Suddenly his shoulders get a lot wider,
the way Houdini would expand his body
while people were putting him in chains. It seems
no time since I would help him to put on his sleeper,
guide his calves into the gold interior,
zip him up and toss him up and
catch his weight. I cannot imagine him
no longer a child, and I know I must get ready,
get over my fear of men now my son
is going to be one. This was not
what I had in mind when he pressed up through me like a
sealed trunk through the ice of the Hudson,
snapped the padlock, unsnaked the chains,
and appeared in my arms. Now he looks at me
the way Houdini studied a box
to learn the way out, then smiled and let himself be manacled.

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  1. Blogger indi 

    oi, bangkok was tiring and fun when i wasn't running around like a headless chicken for work. fun in a lonely planet way, i guess. more about it next post

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