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Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Sometimes we forget what we can achieve when we stop second-guessing ourselves. Think about something you really want to do -- write a book, travel, open a school for children, save a species, come up with your own multi-volume comics opus or independent experimental techno-flamenco album or whatever -- and you'll probably think of too many reasons why you can't do it. You'll probably spend more time doing little tasks and indulging in little pleasures and never getting around to doing the Big Things you know you want to do.

It was my pleasure to read about someone who doesn't give up quite that easily.

Her name's Pia, and for various good reasons, she really really wants to go to this World Youth Festival in Barcelona. Trouble is, she had no money. But she figured: if only 200 people gave me only P300 each, that would be P60,000 -- and I'd have enough for airfare, registration, etcetera. So she posted her offer on her blog: for P300, she will do a good deed of your choice (plant a tree, donate books, help the aged, etc).

In two days, 80+ people had pledged about P25,000!

Check it out. She also put up a separate page to document the progress of the whole project.

Drop her a line. Give her a good deed to do. And think about something you really want to do, too. If nothing else, Pia's story proves that much can be acomplished when you have the help of a horde of friends and kind strangers.

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