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turn on, tune in, dick out....

Finally got around to finishing PKD's A Scanner Darkly. Consciousness, split-brains, altered states, Timothy Leary worlds, damaged minds. A lot of parts reminded me of Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World (or should it be the other way around? could be HM was inspired by this, hmm?) while the ending was like flowers for algernon. (Apologies for the laziness on my part, as usual, but I find it more convenient to mash up familiar references rather than describe things from scratch.)

Anyway for the upcoming and updated movie version by Linklater (yahu! rotoscopin'!), am guessing Winona plays wide-eyed, Donna, a shoplifting dealer chick, who is more complex than she lets on. At the end of the story the touching author's note pays tribute to his junkie friends who succumbed to brain damage, psychosis, madness, suicide.

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