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So many films, so little time

Sigh! Oh my gulay, may French film fest na? But no films by/with Mathieu Kassovitz? Bollocks. So which of the French films d'you guys recommend?

To Mark Mimosa, in case you're reading this, I don't believe Cuaron did a worse job than Columbus in the latest Harry Potter film. Cos that's impossible! Anyway this hell week at work will end well, cos am set to watch the movie later. ;) (Pahabol: When Salon likes you, they really pile it on, eh? Here's a glowing review of the third film by Steph Zacharek.)

Mandalay (Tiny rant coming up) Strange what you catch on late night MTV. Saw a vid of Sarah Brightman's cover of Mandalay's 'Beautiful'. ANG CHAKA! (As a fan reviews: "In 'Beautiful' Sarah is scantly clad as she lay upon a bed of roses as the vibrant petals descend like softly falling rain." Yeah and you forgot to mention the piles of red fur she was lying on and the roaring fire and all the tacky harem shit littered around the room.)

So siya pala ang salarin! Cos I heard the cover while inside an FX last year and was struck that a pop-sounding act actually covered this Mandalay song from Cafe del Mar Volumen Seis. It was okay, but the video's really weird. And I hear she's coming to Manila for a show? God forbid. Anyway, no one can really improve on Mandalay singer Nicola Hitchcock's trademark shivery vibrato vocals, cos they're out of this world. Too bad Mandalay broke up a few years ago and many people only have access to Sarah Brightman now. Yet another case of the original being better than the remake.

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