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Men and their Guns Kill the Pigs!

Saw this pseudo-documentary from Michael Moore. It's funny, at times, grim. Oh well, men and their guns. That's why we need to have an anti-male movie once in a while. Yeah, you can give them pleasure once in a while, and when they're off guard, kill! I don't know, maybe this is the reason why I liked Baise Moi so much. Even though some segments really are pornographic in nature, I liked the fact that the males seem to be castrated (i.e. ineffectual, bumbling...). As opposed to Irreversible, I liked it because the rape victim refuses to be a victim anymore.

Heniweys, me mga dumating na balyena from America at nag-iikot ikot sila. Kaya hanggang dito na lang muli.

Nakakuha nga pala ako ng Maborosi ni Koreeda. Hindi ko pa rin napapanood ang Afterlife. Mukha namang maganda. Malamang ibaback2back ko na lang ang pagpapanood ng 2. Tulad na lang ng ginawa ko sa Oldboy at Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance.

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  1. Blogger indi 

    yeah, i'd rather see a treatment that leans towards rape 'survivor' rather than 'victim'. that 10-minute or so rape scene of monica bellucci in irreversible left me feeling bad the rest of the day. but i guess there are worse things like the 'halay' scenes that seem to ogle at the starlet/victim in not a few local flicks (ay, huwag po koyah!) . also remembered one sixties conceptual flick by yoko ono titled 'rape' in w/c has a bunch of paparazzi hound a woman incessantly. die rapist-orcs!

  2. Blogger indi 

    btw, bruised violet, first pila balde ako jan sa dalawang koreeda mo ha if ever matupad ng tadhana na magkita tayo this lifetime, ha? heheh. pansin ko wala sha sa dvd list mo, ano format nya? Virra Mall Blue Lane? in that case gusto ko sana mag grenhills nananman but right now, i am feeling very, as my opismate puts it, haggardo-versoza.

  3. Blogger *Rubber Doll* 

    Ay ate, wala pa siya dun kasi hindi ko pa nauupdate ang aking dvdlisting online (iyong maborosi, na apparently eh his finest hour). Heniweys, nakakuha nga pala ako ng Zatoichi (hindi si Kitano, iyong bago siya. Si Shintaro something something...hindi ko maalala kasi name niya eh). Sige, next time we see each other. At ipaalala mo na lang sa akin. You know naman sa pagiging busy (or, I would like to think I am busy), madami na akong nakakalimutan gawin (tulad na lang ng pananalamin at pagsesepilyo...chos!).

    Sige, hanggang dito na lang muna. Wala pa rin akong maisip isulat/gawin sa buhay na ito.

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