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i luuuv this new look, peeps!

riding on the johnny depp wave...watched 'the stepford wives' (starring my secret crush matthew broderick) and saw a trailer for 'finding neverland' with johnny depp *sigh* and kate winslet *why??!?*. so was a li'l bit curious about what other films johnny has lined-up, aside from 'pirates 2' and 'chocolate factory.' looks like he's busy with some good stuff (cross ur fingers):

The Rum Diary, directed and starring benicio del torro

The Libertine, where johnny plays a 17th-century poet who drank himself to death

Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants, with french actress anouk aimeé

and most interesting is The Diving Bell and the Butterfly , directed by julian schnabel. here, johnny plays an 'elle' france editor who suffers a stroke.

i'm all for johnny and his new film projects. good films are good. and so it pained me to receive a press kit for before sunset, a.k.a. 'before sunrise 2.' Why Oh Why??? linklater had it good with 'before sunrise,' 'school of rock,' and of course, 'waking life,' but what the hell is this about?! Why Must Jesse (ethan hawke) and Celine (julie delpy) Meet Again After Nine Years??! richard linklater better have a good reason. check out the dirt here.

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  1. Blogger Midori 

    i love johnny depp! salon says we don't have much to worry about, as 'before sunset' is pretty good. but of course we'll form an opinion when we see it.

    hey, ethan hawke and julie delpy reprised their 'before sunrise' roles in 'waking life', right? that was a gorgeous although challenging film, with all the (at times mind-numbing) philo babble and all. i loved the jazzy soundtrack and the floaty animation.

    btw jessica i was at big sky mind's gallery in cubao last saturday and saw poklong's exhibit. i was bemused with the art, though i did appreciate it. and ringo's great; i had to interview her for an article (i was there to cover the exhibit, actually). have you seen big sky's website yet? http://www.bigskymind.org -- and tell jose i said hi, and that it was strange seeing the old big sky/UP fine arts crowd at the gallery. haven't been to the big sky in e. rodriguez in years, so it was a blast from the past kind of thing.


  2. Blogger indi 

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  3. Blogger indi 

    napanood ko ang trailer ng b4 sunset. keri. ok lang. pero....yawk! ethan hawke! (ka-birthday ko pa sha. ick!) as 4 johnny depp. keri. dig ko ang evolution niya from 21 jumpstreet to sundancey matinee idol. wino forever! :)
    sori dumoble post kaya tinanggal ko yung isa

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