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hack attack!! tell me: does this write-up tug at your heartstrings like satriani in speed?
JACKY ANG: JUNIOR AGENT "My name is Jacqueline Ang. Two months ago, I was recruited by the Secret Branch of the Investigative Central Agency. Disguised as an exclusive school for girls, ICA works against terrorist groups that pose as threats against national security. I was sworn to secrecy, but there is another person who knows my identity. Someone I truly admire: my father... " Watch as curious kitten ICA Junior Agent Jacky Ang, armed with state-of-the-art gadgets, infiltrates her father's house... to crash in on her own birthday party!! Based on the hit spy thriller TV show ALIAS, JACKY ANG: JUNIOR AGENT is a fun, fresh, and charming look on the great lengths a curious debutante will take to uncover her father's secret plans for her birthday party, and the great depths a father will bury a secret in to keep it from her daughter.

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