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Troma Movies

Ogod, how did you sit through it(Tromeo and Juliet)? My gulay, hindi ko talaga maintindihan ang rationale ni Lloyd Kaufmann (Troma bigwig) kung bakit hanggang ngayon nagpoproduce pa rin siya nang pelikula. I mean, I think I've slowly become a purveyor of good/bad taste (polar opposites, I know). I mean, I like really bad, unintentionally funny movies(Herschell Gordon Lewis, John Waters, et al). Troma, on the other hand, is very conscious that what they're doing are low budget fares. They try very hard to be very funny. That's why I give Troma a thumbs down rating whenever they release any new material (however, when they act as a distributor they do put out a marginally good movie sometimes. but, the catch is they never had anything to do with it in the first place). I love Herschell Gordon Lewis! What more can you ask for in a really bad movie(atrocious acting, bad production values, outlandish plot, bad framing, what else? ugly chicks, sweaty old men)? (Titles to watch out for: The Curious Dr.Hummp, Blood Feast 1&2, Wizard of Gore, Color me Blood Red, and Something Weird).

One immortal line: I may be a bitch, but I'm not a butch! (WTF?!?!) PS. Meron ata akong isang Kore-eda movie. Iyong Afterlife, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Entranced pa rin ako sa Ninja Scroll eh.

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