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i've yet to read that Atlantic Monthly story, bernice. and i missed mystic river, too. i'm not a fan of sean penn, so i didn't mind at all. but i do like benicio del toro, so we did see 21 Grams even if Sean Penn was all over it. oh, did i ever tell you that he was actually HERE in ithaca? yes, sean penn. jose's professor saw him at a vegetarian resto in collegetown. he says he has a friend at cornell, a daughter of isabella rossellini. legend has it that whoopi goldberg frequents ithaca, too. folks here have concluded that whoopi is a fan of italian food as she is said to frequent the local italian resto near k-mart.

glad you enjoyed the pics, bernice. jose and the rest of the mfa grads had their final reading two weeks ago. since no mfa hardly marches during graduation, the reading is sort of the "big moment." we invited a pinoy couple to be our guests because jose's parents didn't make it. most of his classmates' parents were there, and a lot of the faculty. the picture here (jose will kill me for posting it!) was the cover for the program. i was told that they had to "look like writers," so check out joe in my bathrobe with a cigarette between his lips. it was a beautiful afternoon and i loved hearing their poems and stories.

oh, just watched Japanese Story, a sad story, starring the ever-magnificent toni collette. also saw former talking heads frontman david byrne last weekend. he busted out d' moves — or at least moved his hips real well. one of the best concerts we've seen here. almost as good as gillian welch.

hope you're all well.

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