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Precioussss linkies from friendsters.

FOAF department. Yay! LOTR wedding at the UP lagoon. Oh and nice garb, too, Baryon!

Downloaded the Slack Album yesterday. Hmmm. Jay-Z vs. Pavement (in the traddish of the Gray album). Pimps n Thugs + Slanted and Enchanted = one strange mash-up, i still hafta get used to it. Would likely make great workout bgmusic, at the very least. Ching!

The collected works of Racter . (this one via mefi)

Been busy reading and not writing, lately. What were you reading ten years ago? Not a weblog, for shore.

a post script to Project Pawai?

Found Artificial Kingdom: A Treasury of the Kitsch Experience by Celeste Olalquiaga at the bargain bins of Natio. Powell's Blurby:

...the first book to provide a cultural history of kitsch, an immensely popular aesthetic phenomenon that has always been disdained as "bad taste," or a cheap imitation of art. Proposing instead that kitsch is the product of a larger sensibility of loss, Celeste Olalquiaga shows how it enables the momentary re-creation of experiences that exist only as memories or fantasies. Simultaneously exposing and celebrating this process, Olalquiaga gives us a bold, trenchant analysis of what and how we see when we look at kitsch.
got another hint of sadness and nostalgia while cleaning out the drawer and disposing of all those dust collecting souvenirs. here's to gaudy artifacts and cheesy memories.

Kitschy linky.

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