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lurk mode off. if anyone's interested.

posted some pics from a baguio fellow's may 5th wedding on the net, wrote the captions in the third person, as i thought it'd be funnier that way.

also, hyperphotos!! hyperphotos!!, the twin sister site of hyperwriter!! hyperwriter!! makes its debut today, may 15th. nothing much happening there, at least not right now. just a place to watch out for, i guess.

am finishing up the review for the DIRTY KITCHEN demo, which features a couple of kids (if not all of them) from makiling. skimmed review: i liked two songs, out of seven. read the more comprehensive review on the june/july issue of PULP (i have to finish the bloody thing, first).

also, reading THE BEST AMERICAN NONREQUIRED READING 2002, as edited by dave eggers. it's pieces culled from zines, magazines, websites, newspapers, etc, collected under the banner "young adult reading", and they're actually pretty good, pretty easy reading, pretty diverse, none of the condescending "young adult" shits we have here (they defined "young adult" as 15-18-25 years of age). there's this funny 80s nostalgia piece here (from mcsweeneys.net), written up as a commentary on army reconditioning, called JOURNAL OF A NEW COBRA RECRUIT (by keith pille), and adrian tomine's BOMB SCARE, which is reprinted from his book SUMMER BLONDE.

am moved to eMail some people about some ideas (paging mr paolo manalo: if you're reading this, you're one of them) sparked by the book. hopefully, something'd come out of them.

also, wrote a couple more fragments of the jacobo family massacre i'm trying to write up, but i haven't uploaded the things, as i haven't annotated them, yet. in time, in time...


the 2004 edition of THE BEST AMERICAN NONREQUIRED READING has adrian tomine as cover artist and (why is this so weird?) viggo mortensen wrote the intro for it.

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