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Joe the wonderboy

A day in the writerly life Inds, I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw Snooky wearing a bathrobe in that photo: doped-up Michael Douglas from Wonder Boys wearing his pink granny bathrobe. Haha! To Jose, as Fatboy Slim once said, "You've come a long way, baby." *Applause*

Jessica, am not a Sean Penn fan either, but that was kinda funny how some of the folks you guys know in Ithaca were mentioning celebrity sightings. Yeah I read about Toni Collette's great performance in Japanese Story before in Salon. Am sorry to hear though that Jose's parents weren't able to attend the final reading. When I saw the batch photo that you posted, I thought he looked like he was gonna set fire to that laptop using his cigarette!

Joel, did I tell you we got our DVD player back from the shop already? But when I checked it at home I saw the player had been region-locked again (to region 3), and the shop didn't wanna divulge the code (confidential daw) so it meant I had to go back to the shop. But I googled up tips to hack into your DVD player to make it multi-region. And it worked! I mean they have napalm bomb recipes online, right, what more DVD hacker tips? ;)

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