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Is My Voodoo Working? Firstly, I don't hate my father because I never had one. I'll probably skip that one since I didn't like Cold Mountain. Next one up is, guys, if you see a Sub-Rosa produced movie skip it. You'll thank me for it. I had the bad luck to have come across a Sub-Rosa movie. It was the most godawful flick I have seen in my entire life. It was worse than Troma's Tromeo and Juliet (and, by God, that's saying a lot). God, I thought watching low budget indie movies will set my hopes up high in providing you a real alternative from the crap Hollywood is putting out. By God, I would rather sit through a fluffy MTV production than watch another crappy Sub-Rosa production (although I would like to watch August Underground:Mordum. I'll see if I can sit through 20 minutes of 2 women vomitting on each other, on somebody else's mouth, and then another...Well, you get the picture). Argh!  Why do bad movies get produced in the first place? At least, a lot of them weren't complete wastes. I love Ninja Scroll! I think I'm going to watch it again just to see how it would look like in live action (in my head anyway... An aside: You need to see Azumi). I have Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man which I saw way back in High School (but I really can't remember half of it, from what I remember he was running away from murder. Johnny Depp's character is a namesake of William Blake). Will watch it later this week. I haven't written a single paragraph worthy of note. Although, I love all the scripts I'm writing right now (thank God for small mercies). At least, I still get to do something.

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