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the fruits of my AWOL status from UP are small stuff, but still, doing something:

the first iteration, part one of the jacobo family massacre is up up up. sana di masyadong nakakahilo basahin.

also, posted a poem written by a certain vlad gonzales, good friend of mine, sent to me via SMS, after i told him how rereading our past zine efforts made me laugh the other day. am editing/designing/supervising the workshops for the new UGAT zine BAGITO, which is a showcase of sorts of the newer members of UGAT. the second volume, out this june, will be entitled "malinaw na malinaw, ngayon at anumang araw", yes, from that HOTDOG song "(ikaw ang) ms universe (ng buhay ko)".

there are eight of them, all in all, with one guy in limbo, but there'll only be four of them in the second BAGITO, as the other four (and one) are in their respective provinces, enjoying what's left of their summer vacation. BUT, i got this idea from wherever to put out a third BAGITO for the coming sem (instead of the projected one each sem), for the other four (plus one), tentatively entitled "mula sa probinsiya, habang nagbabakasyon".

for some reason, i get excited, doing these things, writing stuff, designing, workshops. one of the many reasons why i left school, i guess: i reached this point (during the first sem of my second year, fresh from the summer workshop) where i realized most of us in the Malikhaing Pagsulat (and Creative Writing) program were writing stuff for grades, instead of, you know, the Craft of Whatever. as consequence, the majority of stuff coming out of the students were, in a word, Bleh, just to make the grade, below average stuff, the rare average stuff being flukes, and with the classes packed like co-eds in a phone-booth, nothing substantial was coming out of the students and teachers. so bloody goal-oriented, not even too attractive of a goal, when you think about it.

re BAGITO: it's a good line-up, so far. been encouraging them to do stuff beyond text (ie drawings, photos, etc.). no reaction so far, though. anyway, we'll see.

write write write, read read read...

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