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Am reading and liking the novel Pieces of Payne by poet/essayist Albert Goldbarth. (Another Aeon books find). The title -which refers to Cecilia Payne, astronomer and cataloger of stars- is a footnote among pages of footnotes, stitched together by a 7-drink narrative thread (involving, well, boob cancer and double lives among others). Some years back, Luis photocopied me this quirky Goldbarth essay called Wind-up Sushi after another friend who usually emails me poetry from a mailing list, forwarded me a Goldbarth poem called Away. This Slate writer has captured the reason why I enjoy Goldbarth:
...he purchases each line of explanation with a dozen palpables: a smear of guano, a spill of tangerine light, a pot of bone nickels. Another poem in the collection brings Houdini, Stalin, Goldbarth's Great-Auntie Yetta, the world's smallest guitar, the "N'zele tribe," Galway Kinnell, and the Audubon Society together under an epigraph from Appollonius of Rhodes. It's as though Goldbarth can't stand seeing anything or anyone excluded. Saving Lives was almost certainly the only NBCC Award finalist that featured praise for the poems of another finalist: "the tight work of Louise Glück, every word/ a further paper cut that shrinks beneath the sting / of antiseptic." - The Mode Not Taken, The wacky, talky, fat poetry of Albert Goldbarth. By Eric McHenry (Slate)
Here's a bunch of his stuff I found online:

Goldbarth, Albert.
Budget Travel through the Universe
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Also read (via Blog of a Bookslut) this interesting Madeline L'Engle interview. I loved A Wrinkle In Time, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet as much as Narnia, LOTR books, Flight of Dragons, The Last Unicorn, and Rankin Bass during grade school. Sadly, I no longer memorise her Rune of St. Patrick, but am so glad I could google it. When I grow up old I wanna be a cranky lola writer like her, heheh.

Dropped by the Alliance-sponsored Art Digital Vidéo exhibit thingie at BigSkyMind last Saturday. Two DVD viewings were interesting enough, although one player had a color (PAL-SECAM/NTSC-format) problem. Don't go looking for full narratives though, most of the experimental pieces were more like studies / Peter Gabriel eye candy music vids. My faves were the Mortal Combat one and the one with the monkey-bar fax. (Hey, Jojo, saw Popa there and he told me Joe's done with the acads!)

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