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Who Watches the Watchmen?

Can't wait to see Aronofsky's vision for Watchmen -- if he stays true to the material while also giving free rein to his sensibilities, it should be incredible (yes, Joel -- I did like the series). :)

On a serious note, one of my officemates was held up on a bus last night. He got on at Ortigas, and was supposed to ride until Ayala, but around the Guadalupe area, four of the passengers whipped out weapons, and comandeered the trip. Paul estimates that they stole P100K-P200K worth of cellphones alone. Here's an account of the whole harrowing tale, from another officemate's blog:

Paul got held up last night on a bus. Four guys with guns and a grenade decided that they didn't want to put their bodies to any use and robbed him and other the passengers of their cell phones and money. Good thing Paul was able to hide his wallet. Shots were fired and some guy mistaken for a cop was beaten to shit. Another guy got his head hammered with the gun's butt. The police didn't do anything. One cop even asked Paul and the passengers why they didn't try to fight the hold up guys. Yeah, right... most Manila cops are dickheads who deserved to be shot with their own guns. Robbers, snatchers, hold up guys and scum like 'em should be mercilessly slaughtered in front of some popular establishment like Shangrila at 12 noon with EVERYBODY watching...and the executions should be televised on all major tv stations and the footage should be replayed every hour. A lot of people are simply sorry pieces of shit who should die...right now. Now.

Judging from the equipment (a .45, a grenade), and Paul's descriptions, at least one of the thieves -- the boss, actually -- might have been ex-Army or a cop. I wonder.

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