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Speaking of rants...

Just realized that the UK, or London to be precise, is where I'd like to be if I had the chance to travel to one place in the world. Not Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Greece, China, Japan, Thailand, or India. Figures. I like the Guardian, BBC, Harry Potter, some Brit literati, the Booker prize, Ewan McGregor, and Christian Bale.

Saw this April 13 article in HerWord where Atty. Katrina Legarda says she doesn't give a flying fuck who wins in the elections, called What elections can't change:

Whoever is President cannot change the ineptness of law enforcement. Whoever is President cannot change this culture of utang na loob. Whoever is President cannot stop men from raping their children or beating up their wives.

Look at America. They have water, electricity, cars, highways, big money and jobs. But Americans still rape their children and beat up their wives. . . Actually, it seems that we are better off here in the Philippines -- the serial killer and the serial rapist are rare here. Perhaps some psychologist can tell us why.

. . .we have this circus called elections (so nasty this year); a Jose Pidal that will not die; Kuratong Baleleng resurrected every two days; and a former President in jail who can campaign, take part in the making of political jingles, and was last seen embracing his ailing, aged mother on TV and in all the papers.

Tell me -- which country would you prefer to be in? At least, our headlines are the "same old-same old." Consistency is our by-word. Showbiz is the be all and end all of our life. What a joke.

My bloody sentiments exactly.

Yesterday I also attended this wealth (what wealth?!) management seminar given by Rex Mendoza of Philam Asset Management Inc. (he's apparently their president and CEO... I didn't know that) and it really got me thinking about investing my savings (not that it's a lot). These days you really have to make your money work for you. If you have the right attitude and foresight, and you have these goals about what you want to get in life, you could make your money grow in 10 or 20 years...

I know all this makes me sound like some fucking uncool yuppie, but hell, it ain't funny being poor. And if you can do something about it, why not, eh? Was thinking along the lines of, "Habang bata pa ako...". Maybe I can make like P30,000 grow into a million in 20 years, without really working for it. I'll be nearly 45 then. (Where would I be by then, I wonder.) Cos man, we all know you can keep hacking at a mind-numbing, joyless, crappy job for fucking years and still it won't get you anywhere. Who wants that?

I have a dollar savings account and it's like a safety deposit box, the money isn't growing. The interest rate is nil. Maybe I oughta pull out some of my money off the bank and just invest it well. Anyway, if your expenses exceed your earnings, talo ka na. I never really believed in credit cards or salary loans. Or loans, period. I don't like the feeling that I owe someone. (If you don't agree, don't mind me, just ranting here...) So what brought all this about? I dunno. Self-preservation, I guess.

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