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So, Courtney, how have you been?

Had an online row with an enemy/friend recently (though we've since declared a truce) about Courtney Love, of all things, which made me wanna see how she's been. Read a review of a recent art-as-chaos NY show and an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder. Loads of crazy shit, I see. Hope she bounces back.

Spin has a 10th death anniv special on Kurt. Here's a snippet of how artists remember him, and a list of some of Kurt's fave albums:

[From Ben Kweller] "My dad explained to me how when he was a kid, he would go to the record shop and pick up the Beatles' latest albums and singles. I was born in 1981 and 'my Beatles' came to me in 1991 when I was 10. That band was Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain affected me—and millions of kids my age—in ways that no other mainstream rock act did. He [made] an effort to promote bands that most small-town kids would never hear about, like the Vaselines, Sonic Youth, the Shaggs, Mudhoney, the Velvet Underground, and the Meat Puppets. More than any other rock artist at the time, Kurt instilled in us important values such as women’s rights and equality for gays.

I’m sure one day, when I’m a dad, I’ll play Nirvana for my kids and tell them how they were my favorite band growing up. I will show them all the videos and records I collected over the years, and drive them to record shops just like my father did for me. And right before my eyes, the cycle will start all over again."

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