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"Pinoy Cyberpunk": inspired by Debbie, not William, Gibson. (or WTF? or as me officemate asked, The Purple Prose of Quezon City? )

found this at -of all places- the wonderful aeon's filipiniana shelf. what can i say? ProjectPawai is unbelieveably, howlingly.... er, future-retro-surreal?

AND i haven't even read the story yet. see, what got us were really the author bio and acknowledgements:

About the Author

His computer experience includes AI, computer speech synthesis, and tinkering around with the Apple //, the commodore 64, and the IBM PC....a young bachelor, loves to read books, solve computer games, and listen to music, especially that of (-dig this-) Debbie Gibson, his favorite. He claims that these activities keep him from going totally insane from the various hardships and cruelties of life. He thinks his work is a different kind of fiction, which he calls "Pinoy Cyberpunk".
from the acknowledgements page:
i would like to thank the following for the great help they gave me:

1. To our Good Lord in heaven for giving me the talent to write;
. hacker buddies, blablabla
8. and finally. special thanks to Debbie Anne Gibson, for giving the world such wonderful and inspirational songs like "no more rhyme" and "shades of the past".
heheheheh. yes, i have a copy. adam thought that to pass up buying this rare piece of literature (edsa pipol power, commodore-hackers, an American love interest named Tracy, and Chronicles 7:14-15) for fifty pesos would be a sin, indeed.

stitches, man, stitches.

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